Frequently Asked Questions

What times do the movies start?
Movie times are different each week depending on sunset and the number of movies playing. We will post the movie times each week. Box office opens at 8pm each night.

I drive a larger vehicle. Where should I park?
We ask that all larger vehicles park in the back to allow patrons in smaller vehicles to be able to enjoy the movie too. Large vehicles include trucks, vans, SUVs, Jeeps & your Mutts Cutts doggy van.

What nights are you open?
We’re open Friday-Sunday and Tuesdays during the spring. During the summer we’re open every night!

Does general admission cover both movies playing for the night?
The admission prices include all movies for the night. So general admission is $10 for 2 movies. On Tuesdays it’s $6 for 2 movies. And Dusk Till Dawn admission is $12 for all 4 movies.

What are the prices for kids?
Kids 6-12 are $2.00 and Kids 5 and under are free! The kids prices stay the same for each night, whether on a regular movie night, Dusk Till Dawn or Tuesday night special.

What are the prices for the Dusk Till Dawn?
On a Dusk Till Dawn night, the general admission for ages 13 and up is $12.00 This price includes all 4 movies that will be played. Kids prices stay the same.

When are the Dusk Till Dawns?
Dusk Till Dawn movie specials occur usually on Sunday nights of long weekends.

When do we find out what’s playing for the week?
We’ll post what’s playing for the week as soon as we find out. Usually on Monday or Tuesday of each week.

Are dogs allowed at the Drive-In?
Sure! As long as you keep them on a leash and they aren’t a distraction for other customers during the film.

Can we switch between screens if we want to watch a different movie that is being played on the other screen?
Sorry unfortunately switching screens is not permitted.

What happens if my vehicles battery goes dead?
We offer free battery charge. Just go to snack bar and ask for assistance.

What happens if weather becomes to foggy to see the movie?
Just keep your dated receipt for that evening and it will be honoured your next visit. The same applies in the event of a power failure. We do keep track of these unforeseen events in the box office.

How are your films rated?
We follow the official Ontario Film Review Board ratings for each movie we play. For more information please see the official website www.ofrb.gov.on.ca.